Just recently I was introduced to an online American company that specialises in offering ‘off-the-shelf’ logos. You might ask yourself how they do it? I had done experiments with similar sites before but rather frighteningly its this one found that by inputting a different business name the same logo turned up!

Whilst I recognise, for some, this approach to a quick logo design might suit their business needs I cannot bring myself to simply ‘screen grab’, make it look pretty and hand it over to a client in good conscience.

I don’t buy logos off the shelf. I never have. Enjoyment comes from creative process and delivering intelligent bespoke logos to my clients. I take my experience and training and whether it is a logo for a start-up business, a refresh of an existing logo or a new brand vision for a client they all receive the same care and attention. Even when working with a limited budget the essential steps in my process remain the same. In a nutshell . .

  1. Getting to know you; understand your business, target market, vision, etc.
  2. Concept development, doodle and design
  3. Presentation with mocked up examples
  4. Testing
  5. Repeat 2 & 3 as required
  6. Refine your artwork, for quality purposes
  7. Packaging up your logos into multiple formats to suit multiple requirements
  8.  User friendly delivery.

our brand is paramount to representing you in your chosen market, and visually your logo is key to conveying that brand so why skimp on the steps in the process – invest in your business, invest in your brand, invest in your logo.

So, with this in mind, here is one I made earlier! Just Sing have been my client for a number of years now. It started with the full logo design process for the adult choir and more recently, a smaller package for the new junior logo. Just Sing are familiar with my processes which extend to cover all other types of design commissions; flyers, posters and postcards in particular.

Just Sing logo design