Amongst many other things, I have been designing poster this week. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Well on this occasion it sort of was now that I have worked hard to develop a powerful working relationship with my client, Boldre Homeopathic Clinic, for whom I have completed numerous assignments.

In order to produce design that works, I have to understand what I am working with. Having the willingness to understand my client, their business and vision is at the core of being a stable supplier of graphic design.

This week I have learned that ‘Allium Cepa’ is, quite simply and onion; which by the way, have the most beautiful flowers. I have also learned that Seccium is amber and along with very many other natural resources and ingredients, combine to help provide natural remedies.

Investment in my time is essential for you to have a good job done. The proof of the pudding is in the number of clients that have remained loyal to my services and consider me their graphic designer.

Health Posters - Graphic Design